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The Hypnom Institute is a research, training and therapy institute by hypnosis.

Hypnom is currently offering free sessions on free hypnosis on weekends.

Hypnom also offers free treatment to older people or health care cards on Tuesday and Thursday evenings, from 6pm to 8pm.

Please contact Miss Helen on 0411836766 to register.

Readers of Peter Truong’s book ‘The Abolitionist’ will be accompanied by a $ 50 discount on enrollment in the Practical Hypnosis course.

In September 2017 Hypnom will hold two sessions of hypnosis training:

Level 2: Certificate of Practical Hypnosis.
Fee: $ 200.00 (tuition $ 150.00 + enrollment $ 50.00)
Study on the 2nd Saturday of September (16/09/2017 & 23/09/2017).
Limited students (15-20 people).
Students have $ 50 coupons (with ‘Book of Hypnosis’ book, $ 150.00 only.) Students enrolled in 2 or more students will receive $ 50 each.
In particular, this course will offer some free scholarships to people with health care card, have sick relatives need care.
Students wishing to receive free scholarships should:
Asian. There is proof of a loved one’s illness and health care card.
B. Close $ 50.00 enrollment.

Level 3: Certificate of Clinical Hypnosis.
Study on 2 Sundays of September (17/09/2017 & 24/09/2017), from 9:30 am to 4:30 pm.
Fee $ 300.00 (tuition $ 250 + enrollment $ 50.00)
This special course is only available to students who have completed Level 2 ‘Certificate of Practical Hypnosis’.

Level 3 prepares for Level 4 followed by Associate Diploma of Hypnotherapy – Level 1 – Hypnotherapy 1. This is the Start-Up Phase for people who really want to become professional hypnosis, Outpatient treatment outside of the family for more complicated pathological conditions.

Course content includes:
Review Level 2.Question of Inquiry.
Building rapport.
Diagnosis & Prognosis.
Hypnosis Therapy Insomnia (Insonmia).
Hypnosis Treatment pain (Pain management).
Self-hypnosis method.
Hypnosis Therapy is a phobia of fear.
Register with Helen on 0411836766 before 30/08/2017.

AFTER DAY 15/08/2017 PLEASE FILL THE FEE $ 300.00.
AFTER DAY 30/08/2017 LOCKED.

About Us

This hypnosis webpage was created by the HYPNOM INSTITUTE organization with the purpose of:
1. Relieving confusing misconceptions about hypnosis.
2. Research and Training on Therapeutic Hypnosis.
3. Apply Hypnosis Therapy, a natural, simple, inexpensive and effective method.
Helen L: Co-ordinator – Mob: 0411836766 email: Helen@hypnom.xyz
Dan H: Web master
Quinton D: Technical manager
Peter Truong: Ceo – peter.truong@hypnom.xyz
Founder HYPNOM INSTITUTE is Peter Truong. He is the CEO and Principal Lecturer of HYPNOM INSTITUTE. He is a musician, writer, journalist, cinematographer, television broadcaster, photographer, educator, fine arts and architecture designer, communicator, researcher, meditator, teacher ( TESOL) and the Australian English Interpreter (NAATI), the therapist … He is a lecturer at many universities and colleges in Australia and abroad. He teaches a variety of disciplines, from Computer, Design, Multimedia, Film, TV, Photography, English, etc. He often organizes the practice of meditation. He holds training courses in Meditation, Hypnotherapy, Mesmerism, Music … He graduated and worked in the library for more than 17 years, graduated from the VCA (Melbourne Uni). He is a teacher of piano, organ, guitar, drum … In addition to his professional qualifications, he also holds a master’s degree in multimedia education and master’s degree. hypnosis and nuclear. He is working on a PhD thesis on ‘Meditation and Hypnosis’. His thesis is entitled “The Application of Hypnosis in Vipassana Meditation in the Process of Self-Realization (Enlightenment).” (Application of Hypnosis to the Four Senses Meditation in the Enlightenment Process). He is the author of the book ‘Motifs’. Book more than 200 pages thick, A5 size. Published by Hypnom Publishing House – 2017 – Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. This is a book aimed at relieving the negative hypnotic misconceptions that have been used up to now, and is used as a hypnotic teaching and learning material in seminars on hypnosis. MILTON HYLAND ERICKSON, THERE IS A HAPPY HOUSEHOLD THAT I HAVE INTEREST 1. Inherit the knowledge and skills of hypnosis to serve others, to alleviate mental and physical suffering. tight. 2. Put the wellbeing of the patient on top of all material and spiritual interests. 3. Exchange hypnotic insights with colleagues to learn and contribute to the development of this discipline. 4. Think positively, say positive words and do positive things. 5. Pathological therapy, not personal critique. 6. Appreciate the patient, thanks to them I have more experience and practice a top personality. 7. Listen to the suffering around and transform it into peace of mind and body with hypnosis. Many medical schools around the world, when medical graduates graduate, read the Hippocratic oath as a duty of professional ethics to practice. Hippocrate is considered as the origin of Western medicine. The Hypnom Institute also builds Erickson remembrances for prospective Hypertensive Therapist graduates. Milton Hyland Erickson is considered the father of modern hypnosis.