Q & A

Q: Can hypnosis cure insomnia?

Answer: If you follow the Human Rights articles series or read the articles on the Hypno Institute website www.hypnom.xyz, you know that insomnia has many causes. In addition to the causes of the disease, the majority of patients who suffer from insomnia are due to thoughts, anxiety, sadness, depression … usually occur in middle age and older. Insomnia has a great impact on health and can lead to many other illnesses as well.

In order to treat such insomnia, the hypnotist will talk to the patient to find out not only about the disease, but also about the patient’s personality, circumstances, activities, personality … but also to build a clue. Patient empathy helps the patient feel close, friendly, trustworthy, open (rapport) with the hypnotist. As a result, the hypnosis will be more successful.
Then the hypnotist will help the patient relax as much as possible and sink into ‘hypnotic sleep’. This hypnotic sleep is not the same as normal sleep. In the sleep hypnosis object still feel the things that happen around but do not care but just focus on the inside. All external events do not affect the object. They just listen to the hypnotist’s words and fall asleep. Every day we need to sleep 2 hours deep enough, 15 minutes hypnosis is worth 2 hours sleep deep.
The hypnotist let the subject sleep for about 10 minutes before waking the subject with a ‘return’ technique.

After returning the subject to consciousness from hypnotic sleep, the hypnotist will guide the subject of ‘hypnosis’ technique to help the subject recall the experience of ‘deep sleep’ while experiencing home asleep. . The object will revive that deep sleep experience and fall asleep. Since then, they will acquire a ‘deep sleep’ skill whenever they find it difficult to sleep.

Q: Is there a self hypnosis for me?

Answer: All hypnosis is self hypnosis. People often self-hypnosis without knowing. Each person is hypnotized at least 2 times a day, which is before bedtime and before waking up; Not to mention immersed in something like watching a good comic book, watching a good movie, thinking about something or dreaming, thinking illusory. The problem is that we do not know the technique to proactively hypnotize ourselves so we have to ask for help from the hypnotist. The hypnotist helps us relax and penetrate our subconscious. The hypnotist will guide us the technique of self-hypnosis as mentioned above.

Q: Hypnosis has long lasting effects or only current effects?

Answer: Hypnosis has immediate effect immediately. It can have permanent effects or temporary effects depending on many factors. The subjective factor is the most important is the object itself, the second is the objective factor is the external environment. For example, a person wants to quit. After being hypnotized, he or she may quit immediately, but may later aspire (subjective). At that time if the drug is available or if there are smokers around (objectively), it is easy to be attracted again. Therefore, in order to completely stop smoking smoking, two conditions must be met:

1. Cut off the relationship with the surrounding smoking environment, including not storing it.

2. For subjective factors, sometimes the desire to smoke again, it is necessary to apply the technique of self-hypnosis to neutralize the desire and often apply this technique of self-hypnosis to reinforce the effect alone. domain.
Thus hypnosis is not only of long-term effect but of permanent effect.

Q: Does Hypnosis change human instincts?

Answer: Human beings are only instinctive to survive, then acquire, acquire the skills and habits from the surrounding environment. These receptors form personality, humanity, personality, personality … a human. There are positive positive habits, there are bad negative habits. Hypnosis can help us to balance our instinctive instincts by transforming harmful negative habits.

Q: How is meditation and hypnosis the same or different?

Answer: Meditation and Hypnosis are the same in the point: balance body and mind, bring peace. Technically, there are two similarities: • Guided meditation is similar to hypnosis. • Mindfulness meditation is similar to self hypnosis. The goal of Zen is to attain concentration and bring about self-realization / enlightenment, while the goal of hypnosis is for therapeutic purposes by penetrating the subconscious.

Question: So far, most people think that hypnosis is something mysterious, even voodoo, to manipulate other people’s thoughts to make people do their will for evil, deceit, harm. But now he says the opposite of the majority. Could you please explain further what is the truth?

Answer: Yes, so far the majority of people think that way, even I myself thought that until I learned the hypnosis therapy.

Everyone would have heard the stories of relatives of the cases that they themselves are victims of hypnosis. Most if not all of the hypnotists in the world assert that hypnosis does not and can not ‘control the thoughts of others that make people do their will for the purpose of evil, deceit, harm … ‘. The reason is simple and easy to understand that a hypnosis to be successful must get the consent of the object not only through formal speech but also in the heart of the desired and willing to be hypnotized again. As long as the object of the thought of protesting against it, the hypnosis seems to fail.

The reason most people understand this is because movies, novels have mesmerized a magical shirt to make their work more attractive to attract viewers, readers.

For those who claim to be victims of hypnosis, there are two cases:

Is a real victim. They are dishonest soldiers for anesthetics and then take all the money, gold ring. When they regained consciousness they were far away. Not entirely hypnotic.
Is a fake victim. ‘Victims’ set up a story that someone came to the hypnotic joke that they automatically stripped the gold ring money to him, then when he regained consciousness he had already gone. The reason for the story is that many hidden money should find ways to ‘white’ the problem.
In the case of a – a real victim – they will not remember anything in the coma and are usually ready to report to the police to find the culprit to regain the property.

For the case of b – a fake victim – because the fraud does not happen, but for some financial reason they have created a story to explain the situation of a large amount of money or some natural gold. No wings that fly. These are often sunk by boat without reporting to the police.

However, there are also people who intentionally report to the police to prove themselves innocent. But when the police entered the investigation, everything was revealed. As one of the following:

‘A gold shop called up a man who was in the shop asking for gold and then hypnotized the shopkeeper, who gave her all the gold for him. When I wake up, the gold ring is gone but the culprit has disappeared from time to time ‘.

‘The owner of the gold shop told the police about the incident. But when the police in the investigation, by professional expertise, to discover the husband and wife of gold shops because of debt should create a melancholy to escape the debt.

Neuro Linguistic Programming has techniques that only need to observe the subject’s eyes to know whether they are lying or telling the truth. This technique is referred to in the book ‘Technique’ and is practiced in Hypnom’s practice hypnosis sessions.

Q: Can hypnosis help depression? How? How long? How effective?

Answer: The object of therapy of hypnosis is psychological issues, more specifically subconscious; Different from the object of psychology is reason. Reason is what we know, actively do, such as walking, thinking, working, talking … While the subconscious is what we do not know as habits, dreams, organs activity Phobia, fear …

Depression often comes from the outside, through the negative mind that is filtered and stored in the subconscious, from which it becomes a phobia, subjected to object. Through hypnosis, the hypnotist enters the subconscious of the object, interprets and suppresses that memory, thereby dissolving the depression. The problem of healing as often as any disease. The other reason and other therapies is that there are no definite numbers that depend on the individual case. How effective is the same as the sentence above.

Q: Hypnosis can help you forget the pain (rheumatism) or cure the disease is not?

Hypnosis does not help with pain, whether it is rheumatism or any other cause, but it helps the person to feel no pain, even without surgery. Anesthetic / anesthetic drugs such as joint removal, tooth painless, painless delivery, toothache, headache, body aches … But do not cure physical illness but help prevent it. Worse and faster recovery. For example, if you grow a denture, you will have less bleeding, you will not feel any pain but you will feel more relaxed, the wound will heal more quickly.

Q: Can hypnosis apply to everyone?

Hypnosis: Hypnosis can be applied to most people except children and infirm people, as long as the person really wants to be hypnotized.
People with high sensitivity, easy relaxation, imagination rich, easy to receive lead will be more likely to be hypnosis than successful people difficult to relax, less sensitive, less imaginary, difficult Receive a lead …
Hypnotic people can still be hypnotized but will spend more time and effort by practicing them over and over, helping them to relax and increase their sensitivity as well as their ability to receive leads.

Q: The question of treating wealth.

Answer: Everyone has heard the hypnotic hypnosis story: ‘Meet someone who comes to talk and then do not know anything, take all the gold out of jewelry, give all the money to strangers, When I wake up, the crook is far away … ‘

In the history of hypnosis never recorded such a case of deception. The reason is simple because hypnosis is not and does not do so. A person who really wants to be relaxed but low susceptibility, has not relaxed yet, is not capable of receiving leads, the hypnosis is also unlikely to succeed, let alone who do not want.

In the hypnotic state, the hypnotic object is completely uninjured and knows everything that is going on around him and never does the opposite of what he normally does not do. Moreover, in the state of hypnosis, the senses of the object become more subtle than normal.

Question: What are the factors required for hypnosis?

Answer: A hypnosis that wants to be successful must first have a deep consensus of the object, otherwise if the object has a little resistance or is not really ready to be hypnotized, then the failure . The second is the hypnotic skills of the hypnotist is mature. Sometimes it is necessary to repeat several times to put the subject into hypnotic state.

Question: How long does an average person learn how to learn hypnosis?

Answer: Hypnotic hypnosis practitioners practice hypnosis right on the first day. At first everyone is surprised because the hypnotic hypnosis is so simple. Hypnosis, however, has a variety of techniques to address a variety of therapeutic areas.

Hypnom has many levels of training from low to high. Total of 8 levels. Level One, Free, Introduction to Hypnosis, Hypnotherapy, Meditation, UE, Programming Language Thinking, Meditation, Technique and Method of Hypnosis, History of Hypnosis, Abyssalities Mian and so on

Question: How does Hypnosis work?

Answer: The human mind is divided into two parts:

Consciousness: is the daily activities that help us work, study, entertain … also called ‘Animal Neurology System’, ie we can be active in all our actions.
Consciousness only receives about 7 information at a time.

Subconsciousness: is the place to receive and store the information that we receive through the pentatonics and consciousness, which are unconscious elements, ie things we do not know, such as heart, Organ transplants, gestures, actions, or speech are not through thought. This is called the ‘Plant Neurology System’. This is subconscious.